What We Believe

We can and we will show the GOODNESS of being HOMEGROWN and build a FLOURISHING food business; Zimbabwe’s No. 1.


Formerly known as Cairns Holdings, Cairns Foods started out as a motorcar distribution company in the 1920’s. From the 1970’s the group experienced major growth following the acquisition of several large companies in the country at that time. Most notable was the:

  1. 1976 acquisition of Willards Foods Ltd and its subsidiaries which marked the entry into the food industry
  2. Birth of Mukuyu winery in 1980 which saw the business venturing into beverages manufacturing 
  3. Acquisition of the then Cerebos Foods in 1982 which gave way to the birth of fruits and vegetables canning division.


The group has since merged its operations into one company; Cairns Foods. All of Cairns Foods products are produced locally in our manufacturing plants in Harare, Mutare, and Marondera. Cairns Foods is home to over 1500 employees.