Our prestigious Cashel Valley brand carries a wide range of delicious and satisfying ready-to-serve fruits and vegetables as well as meals for the whole family to enjoy.

Our canned vegetables range includes baked beans which is made from premium quality beans, packed with goodness enriching your health. Our baked beans range includes the original baked beans in tomato sauce, chilli baked beans and, baked beans in sweet Tomango sauce. We also offer canned sugar beans and peas.

Our canned fruits range includes mango, peach halves, guava halves, & apples.

Indulge in a world of flavour! We have a wide range of cooking aids that make every meal the best.

Our savoury cooking aids include the Madras Curry range and Brono Gravy. We also offer both brown and white vinegar as well as bicarbonate of soda.

After your main meal, you can indulge in our delicious deserts; Willards custard and Willards jellies.

Enjoy our wide range of delicious spreads. We surely have something for everyone to enjoy.

Our sweet and mouthwatering Sun Jam, is an old-time favourite. Sun Jam has been satisfying every sweet tooth and providing happy memories for years.

Everybody knows and loves Cashel Valley sweet orange marmalade, the perfect snack and sandwich mate.

Willards peanut butter is made from real peanuts. You’ll go nuts for it.

Breakfast-time is always the best time with our nutritious and healthy cereals packed with goodness. 

Our wide range of cereals ensure the whole family can find something to suit their individual preference. Pronutro and Willards cornflakes and branflakes are all made from whole, home-grown grains.