With so many great flavours to choose from who can resist?

Delicious, fresh and crispy potato chips you know and love. Chompkin’s, Spuds and Chipstix taste as good as ever and, we have a wide range of flavours to choose from.

Our light corn snacks come in many different shapes and sizes. Willards Thingz, Jupiters, Cheezies, Korn Kurls, Chicken Flings and Lakkernaks are made from corn grit.

Indulge in rich and delicious treats!


Pamper yourself with our delicious range of chocolates.

Our Charhons milk chocolate bars come in 3 irresistibly delicious flavors; the original milk chocolate, the subtle mint and the fun fruit and nut.

Knoll brings you a wide range of heavenly chocolates that melts at first bite.

The Island chocolate bar is an old time favourite. You know you will always enjoy this deliciously smooth coconut chocolate bar.

The Peanut Bar is a lip-smackingly, delicious nutty and crunchy snack.


Piccadilly caters to the whim of every sweet tooth with a selection of quality sweets, bubblegums.

Biscuits and cookies

Charhons biscuits and cookies have the perfect crunch and munch to satisfy your cravings.

Athlone Biscuits

Charhons Athlone biscuits are a Zimbabwean staple. Enjoy the original flavour and crunch of our delicious biscuits.


Conveniently bite-sized, Treaties come in a wide range of scrumptious flavours.

Chocolate Coated Biscuits

Indulge in our luscious Charhons chocolate-coated biscuits. Whether you like white chocolate or milk chocolate; you’ll find your match.