“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day.
Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.”
– Chinese Proverb

We firmly believe that a community grows most through empowerment than donation. This belief is the cornerstone of each and every one of our CSR projects. We grow the community through growing their interests. Below are some of the CSR initiatives that Cairns Foods is engaged in.

Farmer’s Outgrowers Scheme

Cairns Foods engage small and local farmers in contract farming for pea beans and potatoes. The business has integrated with farmers who feed fresh raw materials into the Cairns Foods value chain. In turn, Cairns Foods facilitates in the growing of the crops.

The business’s agronomy department works closely with the farmers imparting knowledge to them on different ways of yielding high-quality farm produce. This scheme benefits over 2000 farmers, enabling them to fend for their families.

Biker Scheme Project

In partnership with various financial institutions in the country, Cairns Foods secures loans to purchase motor bikes. These bikes are loaned on a rent-to-own basis to the bike sales personnel. Bikers buy Cairns products at a discounted price and sell them to consumers in many different areas, reaching the smallest customers operating in tuck-shops or vending at table tops. The bikers earn commission on their sales which aids in the repayment of their bikes.

Chompkin’s fun with friends birthday celebrations

Chompkin’s Fun with Friends is a radio program which focuses on kids and encourages them to have fun. Under the program Cairns Foods representatives visited schools across the country celebrating birthdays. To participate, people send details of their children’s birthdays to the radio program number and the lucky student gets a special Chompkin’s birthday party.